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Research firm Gartner has just released a list of the largest mobile phone vendor in the world . Anyone who made ​​it into the top 10 ?

Gartner research combines the feature phone and smartphone sales in the first quarter of 2013 . In total , as many as 426 million units of mobile phones sold in the quarter .
Of that amount , 210 million units of which are smartphones and the rest kind of feature phones . Any vendor who sits in the top 10 ? Here’s the list .
10 . Yulong
Name Yulong probably still very alien world in the smartphone industry . But in its home country of China , they are in great demand .
The proof , Yulong managed to sell 7.4 million units of mobile phones during the first quarter of 2013. Which stood a market share of 1.8 % .
9 . Lenovo
Lenovo , formerly known as PC manufacturers began to show up in the mobile phone industry . Where in the 1st quarter of 2013, they sold 7.7 million units of mobile phones .
Lenovo grabbed market share of 1.8 % . Their sales pretty much supported by strong market in their home country , China .
8 . Sony Mobile
Since the split with Ericsson , Sony business performance showed signs of improvement . Supported popular flagship Xperia Z with differentiation as dust and water resistant .
Japanese vendors are recorded sales of 7.9 million units of mobile phones . With a market share in the range of 1.9 % .
7 . TCL Communications
The size of the Chinese market with abundant population makes succeeding many local vendors . One of them is TCL Communications .
TCL recorded selling 8.5 million units of mobile phones in the first quarter of 2013. Creating them has a market share of 2% .
6 . Huawei
Huawei is also known as the top telecom infrastructure vendors increasingly uphill in the global handset market . Powered affordable pricing strategy and product quality passable .
The Chinese vendor managed to sell 11.1 million units of mobile phones . With the achievement of market share of 2.6 % .
5 . ZTE
Chinese vendor ZTE became the highest position in this list . They were more aggressive flapping its wings overseas .
According to Gartner , ZTE sold 14.6 million units of mobile phones . So they gained 3.4 % market share .
4 . The LG Electronics
LG as a long time player in the world mobile phone industry is still in great demand . They are quite aggressive release a phone in nearly all price ranges .
South Korean vendors recorded sales of 15.6 million units of mobile phones . With a market share of 3.7 % .
3 . Apple
Apple only has a few smartphone models and did not sell a feature phone . But they were able to penetrate the top three armed with big name iPhone .
Vendors from the United States recorded sales of 38.3 million units of mobile phones . With the achievement of market share of 9 % .
2 . Nokia
Nokia is quite distraught pressed Android and iPhone in the smartphone segment . But they are still very strong in the lower middle market , Nokia Asha models are supported .
Nokia gained sales of 63.2 million units of mobile phones . With the acquisition of market share of 14.8 % .
1 . Samsung
Samsung’s position at the top is still difficult to shake . They control the world of Android smartphones in addition to still actively launched various mobile phone feature phone .
Samsung also recorded sales of 100.6 million units of mobile phones . South Korean vendors make it reach 23.6 % market share .

Tips In Designing Modern Minimalist House

Minimalist home architecture is one of the most widely sought after today . The minimalist design is very attractive and can be applied in almost every room . For you fans of minimalist design , there are several steps in making / decorating the room into a minimalist . The steps to make a minimalist home

1 . Change the decor of a room at a time . Focus on one room , and focus to the room . Look for inspiration for the actions you would do in the first room .

2 . Start with furniture . It is the largest furniture in every room , so it is better to start simplifying the room of furniture that is inside . The less the better to impress the semakain furniture minimalist house obtained . Think of furniture which can be removed without compromising the comfort of the room.

3 . Leave the important stuff . Note the furniture or anything else in the room , ask yourself whether these items are really important for that room . If not useful , remove it . 

4 . Clean the floor . Except for furniture , flooring you have to be really clean . No one mess on the floor , no one should be stacked there , no one should be stored on the floor . If you ‘ve found the right furniture for minimalist home , the rest you can donate , throw it or move it to the warehouse .

5 . Clean the wall . Some people hang all kinds of things on their walls . It can not be done in a minimalist home . Clean your walls except for one or two simple pieces of nice artwork . 6 . Keep the items that are not useful . As mentioned in the previous step , remove all the coal - useless stuff , but if you still feel the goods tersebur useful someday , you can save it .

7 . Use simple artwork . So that the room is not boring , you can put a simple painting , drawing or photograph , framed , solid color , on each wall if you want . Do not put too much painting / picture on the wall if you do not want to lose the impression of a minimalist home .

8 . Use simple decorations . As mentioned in the above steps , one or two simple decorations can serve as accents for a minimalist room . A small vase or pot are two classic examples .

9 . Select the window decorations are as common as solid colored curtains , wood blinds or something simple . Too much decoration around the windows can merusakkesan minimalist home .

10 . Adoption of a plain pattern . Solid colors are best for carpets , furniture , etc. . Complex patterns can ruin the minimalist view . Minimalist bed Kamr

11 . Use soft colors . You can have a bright color in the room , but most of the room should be light-colored - white .

12 . Change and Remove . If the room has been simplified , let the moment and later look back on your minimalist decor . Is there anything that can be removed again ? Saved ? What is not important ? It berguana religion you can find things more minimalist .

13.Sit Down , relax , and enjoy . Once you are satisfied with the room terseebut , take a moment to look around and enjoy it . You will feel satisfied and at peace with the results of your own decorations . And the impression of a minimalist home you have got.

Desain Rumah Minimalis

Google Develops Contact Lens To Detect Blood Sugar in the Body

Various electronic devices smart berembel likely prevalent in the next few years . In fact there will be a smart contact lens that can be used to detect the condition of blood sugar in the body of the wearer . Smart contact lenses are now being developed by Google .

Smart contact lens that was designed in order to help users who are a diabetes sufferer . That way , people with diabetes need not bother to do a blood test to determine his blood sugar condition . Smart contact lens that was fitted with a blood glucose sensor , an antenna and small-sized computer chips . The system will monitor the condition of the blood sugar tears . That way , users will be able to determine the condition of the body as quickly as possible . The current prototype is able to transmit a signal to an external device detection results .

Google also plans to add LEDs that can be used to indicate changes in the status of the blood sugar content .